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Athlete Portrait: Peter the Wrestler 2

13yo wrestler
danish champion, extraordinary studio series
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335 pictures

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One of the most sought after series. This is the second part of that great athlete. A very talented and successfull wrestler. But you will never guess what other sports he is doing and he is national champion in both sports! Learn and see more. Alle pictures included are of the wrestling and fitness shoots.

I have visited him on events in two countries. This part contains pictures of him at the international danish Bjoerne Cup and Studio Shoots at training and in the gym. Get it now!

As a VIP/SuperVIP customer you get more and larger pictures and strongly support the work of the photographer and allow future series in international youth sports and leisure activities. Be a part of it ! Thank you!

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Customer reviews

Boy F., 22/03/2022: 5 of 5 Stars!

This photo set is genuinely as extraordinary as promised.

Peter's physique would be universally acclaimed as exceptional for any supremely athletic young man; for a 13yo, it is truly phenomenal.

We are invited to appreciate a real natural wonder: a teen boy whose body is not merely incredibly well developed for his age, but a triumphant example of human potential that spans across all ages and time. Indeed, a superlative model of the very best human genetic potential.

This is the perfect choice if you seek images that can supremely inspire, uplift, transcend, motivate, rejuvenate and deeply satisfy a valuation of beauty.

Mohnd S., 19/11/2018: 5 of 5 Stars!

Why do not you take care of the poor who do not have visa or master card and

They wish to see the pictures

----- Admin
Payment methods are very much different in all the countries. So I cannot offer local payment methods in many countries. You haven't replied as to what payment method is expected.

Luk M., 03/08/2014: 1 of 5 Stars!

There are many nearly duplicate actions and scene of the model of this Photo set with the previous set.
the examples of nearly duplicate actions and scene are the following.

- Fitness1 set in Athlete-Peter1-VIP are nearly the same action in Shoot Fitness 2 in Athlete-Peter2-VIP
- BRB-Cup set in Athlete-Peter1-VIP are nearly the same action in Peter Bjoerne Cup 1 set in Athlete-Peter2-VIP

if I know that they are the same set of action, I will not buy Athlete-Peter2-VIP.

I think the website should show the preview of all photos in the VIP and SuperVIP set ( they can show preview only in very smaller size and watermark). The customer don't know the difference in each photo sets because the there are small number of preview photos of the VIP sets

so , the customers can decide that they really want the VIP sets or not.
Comment of Admin:
sorry to hear you were disappointed. All other customer's werent.

- the action shots are of two total different competitions. But yes, they are similar as it is still wrestling.
- the Fitness 1 series was shot in three singlets as Fitness 2 was shot with total different lighting and on another day in two singlets.

It is shown in the previews what to expect. Actually the preview showed the same competition for both series but it's not and preview has been corrected. So customer got more than can be expected from previews.

If you need more information before you purchase you are welcome to send an email. My other customers have enjoyed the series.

Felix F., 21/08/2012: 5 of 5 Stars!

A wonderful set! I can recommend it to everyone

Felix F., 01/08/2012: 5 of 5 Stars!

A wonderful set of an awesome young athlete. I can really suggest that to everyone.

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