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Photo Story: Russian Gymnast Sasha

Sasha, 16

281 pictures
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Although only 16, Sasha’s already an old pro - he’s been training in gymnastics at a specialist sports school since he was six! To take part in the recent Russian School Gymnastics Championships, he and a schoolmate had to cross half of Russia from his home province in the far south of the country. But the trip was well worthwhile. Judge for yourself in this brand new athlete portrait series. And while Alexander is his given name, he answers to several nicknames: Sasha, Sash, Alexandru, Sanya, Shura or Alex. Which name you use depends on how close you are to him. So enjoy the close-ups in this Sportfotos-Online athlete portrait series. You’ll see a muscular and flexible teenage sportsman in training and in competition. Gymnastics is this boy's life. So take a look now! Don't wait!

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