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Photo Shoot: Kai Beach Speedo

Swimmer, 14

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Kai, 14, plays soccer, water polo, Rugby and does swimming. So he naturally wears Speedos and loves the Beach. Quite a shy character but not saving with smiles.
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Customer reviews

Gregory S., 17/12/2020: 5 of 5 Stars!

Truly great model photography is a complex art that depends on multiple simultaneous exceptional qualities. I believe that this photo shoot is not just an utterly superlative example, but the very best that I have ever enjoyed.

The subject must be explicitly beautiful in the specific context of the "eye of the camera", which has a flat perspective that captures just a fractional moment, in which every minute detail is available to intense examination.

Kai is so extraordinarily beautiful, that you may find more to appreciate every time you examine any of his photographs. Indeed, he has no visible physical flaws that might challenge an evaluation of "the perfect boy". If people wanted to choose a single individual that best represents the most beautiful physical qualities of our whole species, Kai is a definite contender.

We can assume much from Kai's remarkably consistent expression of "joy in action", interspersed with many moments of clearly contented contemplation. It's an invitation to inspiration.

Kai is a boy who is by no means a static object of photography, but a magnificently engaged and enthusiastic subject, giving so much to the viewer that we may well feel unworthy of his perfection.

Markus S., 07/05/2019: 5 of 5 Stars!

Blauer Himmel, sonniger Strand und ein freundliches Model in pinker Hose. Empfehlenswert!

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