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Martial Arts: Muay Thai Mix

app. 8-15 years,

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Muay Thai - Thai boxing

A visit to a training school showing several boys aged 8-13 how hard the train. Sweatlingly hot 40° in the shade. No walls, no windows and boiling hot. The competitors in this sports are numerous so have to train hard. It is a national sports. Twice a day they train until the sweat runs down their bodies. They sleep at the school under very primitive conditions and their dream is to become famous one day. They are a big family. The older boys help the younger ones.
At the competition you see several fights of other boys aged about 10-15. They fing in the arena and show who is the best. No mercy. After preparation with massage and oiling they show their rituals in the arena before fighting almost for their life. It is extremely tough. A lot of kicks have to be blocked. But legs were trained hard. They fight so hard and without mercy that some fighters get knocked down unconsiously and the fight is stopped early.

Be a part of it, take your chair and watch at ring-side. You person VIP seat even with the standard series. Take a look into that sports and feel like you are there live.

With a VIP Series you get more pics, higher resolution and support the work of me as a photographer for the future intensively. Thank you!
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