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Fotoshoot: Ulrich Beach

An energetic day on the beach
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Although naturally shy, the young South African was keen to work outdoors, helping me capture his cheerfulness in a sun-drenched series on the beach. Playing football, in jammers and in speedos, his enthusiasm grew as the shoot went on, his infectious smile and his youthful energy imbuing the photos with a teenager’s joy. The energy of this handsome 14 year old athlete has inspired yet another exhilarating Sportfotos-Online portrait series.
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Customer reviews

Gordon C., 22/01/2018: 5 of 5 Stars!

Apparently, Ulrich could not wait for the growth spurt. At 14, he towers over the dunes like a youth in his late teens. He is putting on the muscle, too. His ab's are tight - ripped when he tenses up - and he's getting thick around the shoulders. If you want to see some extraordinary back development, check out the sequence where he runs down to the water's edge, among other takes.

I was especially taken with Ulrich's poise. Lanky teenagers are somewhat notorious for leaning, swaying, hunching. Not Ulrich! He keeps his torso upright as he bounds over the dunes, and keeps his body straight as he executes perfect push ups. This is not to say he is stiff. He rolls up quite handily when surrounding the football, or when deploying the beach blanket. Yet even when sitting casually on the towel, he keeps his body forward and head up. I don't know what is Ulrich's sport, or art, but I hope he sticks with it.

As always, SportFoto catches the youthful form, development, and exuberance with resplendent picture quality, balanced framing, and engaging action.

You want this set!

Jean M., 21/12/2016: 5 of 5 Stars!

Everything is perfect. The model, the light, the energy. Why isn't there much more of him, is the only problem :)

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