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Photo Shoot: Mark and Kai Garden Fun

Swimmer Mark, 12
Schwimmer und , 14

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Mark, 12 and Kai, 14
Part two in the garden series with those two marvellous boys and a quaint romantic garden in an upmarket area. It has all what boys enjoy: a pool, large garden area to play with balls, a zip line, trampoline and a lounge area. A pure private fun park for the boys being boys.

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Customer reviews

Parker H., 18/12/2019: 5 of 5 Stars!

What a wonderful compliment to Mark and Kai Garden Shorts!

The photoshoot takes place in what appears to be the same location, as many features make a second appearance. The main attraction being the pool, of course. Its back again in this set, in addition to a very comfortable looking seating area that the boys take advantage of. The zipline is utilized to full effect, and the open space calls out to be played in. Its the perfect location for a photoshoot spanning multiple outfits, and Im happy to see it appearing again.

Now, onto the models! Both wear their respective swimwear exquisitely. Not to mention the two are paragons of fitness. What I truly enjoy about this set is the personality that seems to bleed through the photos. Mark is full of energy: bouncing around and almost always in motion. We find him at the top of the zip line, jumping into the pool, or darting around the older boy. His energy doesnt falter. Its a great manifestation of youthful exuberance.

Were also treated to a new side of Kai, who I think earns the MVP of the entire shoot. In Garden Shorts the teen comes across as reserved, and we only see glimpses of his youthful, boyish side. In this series hes having a blast, and its wonderful to see. From wrestling around with Mark to enjoying the zipline to splashing around, we see this new side of the older boy that I hope is a constant in future sets with the two.

Overall, you wont be disappointed by this wonderful series!

Markus S., 02/09/2019: 5 of 5 Stars!

Nice boys, nice action-fotos

Lonely G., 01/09/2019: 5 of 5 Stars!

Nice boys, mavelous smiles. Avery good works done

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