These photo sets are pure summer bliss! The guys, the activities, the laughter – it’s all captured beautifully. Totally worth the price!

Alex K.

The SuperVIP version blew me away! The higher resolution and extra pictures are totally worth the splurge. Best summer photos ever!

Luca M.

The Standard Version is fantastic! The quality is superb, and the boys’ energy is infectious. Such a joy to look at!

François L.

Frequently asked Questions

Each Product has previews which can be seen in full size and quality. Click on any preview picture on the product website and when it opens up you must click on it to see it in 100% of the picture size and quality.

There are always some previews for the Standard Version as well as some for the SuperVIP resolution which is the same as the VIP version.

The photos for the series will all have one watermark in a bottom corner.

On Top of the Page you can enter Keywords to search for. Product Titles and Tags are relevant. Tags can also be selected on bottom of a page. A selection of Tags is shown.

Products are tagged with relevant keywords for Activities, Clothings and Model descriptions:

  • Shoot: Solo, Duo, Trio, Team, 4k, Custom
  • Physique: Top Model, Ripped, Slender, Lanky, Stocky
  • Skin complexion: Light, Medium, Dark, tanned
  • Hair Styles: Wild, Curly, Undercut, Buzz Cut
  • Hair Colours: Brown, Blond, Redhead, Black
  • Activities: Training, Fitness, Relaxing, Swimming, Surfing, Soccer/Football, Climbing, Gymnastics, Splashing, Flexing, Flexibility, Fun-Fighting, Grappling, Wrestling, Ballet, Parcour, Diving, Athletics, Push-Ups
  • Location: Beach, Sea/Ocean, (Private) Pool, Garden, City, Studio, (Outdoor) Gym, Water Park, Boat, Home
  • Props: Boulders, Balloon, Weights, Inflatables
  • Countries: Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, etc.
  • Clothing: Swim Briefs, Swim Shorts, Surf Shorts, Shorts, Jeans, Socks, Shoes, Casual, Lycra, Pants
  • Brands: Adidas, Arena, Nike, Puma, Speedo, Sporti
  • Clothing colours: red, white, blue, red, green, turquoise, black

Hover over Preview Pictures either in Shop Overview or on the Product Page and you will see a heart symbol which you can click to add the product to the Wishlist.

The Wishlist will remember which version of a product you had selected but you can change that later.

To access your Wishlist please click the heart symbol on top right of the screen next to the Account and Cart Symbol.

Pre-Orders can only be placed individually and with no other product together. The Series are pre-edited and sorting has to be finalised. It is scheduled to be finished within a week from first pre-order. A date will be set as soon as possible. It is a manual job editing/sorting hundreds of pictures per series.

Please take note that due to circumstances as receiving many pre-orders or during travel/production time the deadline might be extended.

See Pre-Order Info Page for availability status.

The Photo Series comes in a Zip File which combines Folders with the Photos in JPEG Format as well as Previews of the same Theme. It can be unpacked/extracted on all known Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS either directly or with free Apps.

In your own Account you will find your orders and downloads as well as a Download Link in your order email.

Any Device which can display standard JPEG files. You need to unpack the ZIP archive which Android, iOS (Apple), Windows, Linux devices can all do directly or with free Apps. After that you can transfer it to a TV or other devices for display.

If you had previous purchases your registration has been migrated to the new shop system and your password should work. Your username is your email address.

Otherwise please register newly.

No. Shopping history has not been transferred. We have started fresh apart from user account which had a purchase on the old system.

All available Series you can find in this Shop System. Use the Catalog Link to see all Series available

Older Series will be later available on request depending demand. SuperVIP requests preferred. No Catalog available. The Focus is on bringing new Series online for you with this new Online Shop.

Please use the contact form or email to request more attempts/time if you could never download the product after purchase.

Please download the file again. This can happen on slow and unreliable internet connections. If you need more download attempts for your purchase, let use know via email or contact form.

The Website uses reliable servers and high speed connections in the Data Center. Most likely the problem is on the customer end. Please try at different times or use different internet connections/locations.