Gymnast Luca in Italy


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Luca, 12, is an aspiring gymnast who captures anybody’s soul with his gentle character and infectious smile. And he had the aesthetics of a roman olympic athlete, a testament to his talent. I discovered him at a club while meeting another gymnast for a training shoot.
It was quite an effort to meet up for an outdoor shoot in a quaint small historic italian village where he grew up. But it was worth it! As we strolled through the village, the walls adorned in washed-out pastel colors like terracotta, centuries-old buildings, and imposing wooden doors of the church served as the picturesque backdrop for Luca’s impressive gymnastic prowess. While not yet perfect, his command over popular gymnastic positions at his age, particularly hailing from a club outside major training centers, is impressive.
His mischievousness dared me to explore an abandoned building where we found ourselves on the rooftop, offering breathtaking views of the town and the nearby lake—a scenery equally as stunning as the resulting photographs.

Join Luca on a captivating stroll through his village and experience gymnastics amidst such a beautiful setting, accompanied by a rising star in the world of gymnastics photography.

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