Gymnast Alessio on the Pebble Beach


Meet Alessio, 14, a teenager whose striking appearance pays homage to his truly Roman ancestors. As an avid gymnast, he hones his skills at a high-level Italian training center, where dedication runs in his blood. His father, a passionate photographer, yearned for a creative photo shoot to capture Alessio’s essence. Thus, the backdrop of choice was nothing short of quintessentially Italian — an ancient castle nestled amidst history.

On the beach, the pebbles, meticulously shaped over time, mirrored Alessio’s own rigorous training. Here, he stretches his well-toned muscles, a serene interlude after a strenuous training session. Yet, Alessio, ever the proud gymnast, seizes the opportunity to showcase not only his physique but also his remarkable flexibility, a testament to his unwavering dedication.

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