Mark Beach Day

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Mark, now 16, a familiar face we’ve captured since he was 11, celebrated for his dedicated swimming and extraordinary physique. Starting with him scouting the boulders and beach in jeans before changing into stylish beachwear and applying sun lotion for protection. The lotion enhances his appearance, shining through all the photos like the star he is. In his beachwear, he grabs the lilo to take a dive in the refreshing water.

Getting sportier in the Jaked branded Swim Briefs used by professionals, he chases down a giant balloon. The vibrant color provides an excellent contrast against the blue sky and ocean. He takes a walk on the rocks, dives with the lilo in the ocean, letting the waves crash on the boulders into the sky behind him. How epic! Finishing off with a freshwater shower, the feeling of being so clean and refreshed on such a beautiful day is the epitome of happiness for him.

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2 reviews for Mark Beach Day

  1. Stefan

    Sun, beach and Mark – ensure a good mood in the dark season

    Verified purchase

  2. Markus S.

    Mark is getting bigggggggg!

    Verified purchase

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