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Fotoshoot: DreamTeam Danro Test Shoot

Wie alles begann mit dem DreamTeam
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Gregory S., 28.03.2021: 5 von 5 Sternen!

Kai, your email is not working...

Gregory S., 19.02.2021: 5 von 5 Sternen!

If you like Danro in his various DreamTeam series (who doesn't?), then this will not disappoint you!

In this audition, he demonstrates very powerfully how seemingly "young" boys can be VERY much bigger than expected.

His enthusiasm to show off his impressive attributes is surely an inspiration to everyone that aspires to fitness.

Gregory S., 16.02.2021: 3 von 5 Sternen!

If you like Danro in his various DreamTeam series, then this will not disappoint you, although it doesn't add much extra magic.

Gordon C., 16.12.2019: 5 von 5 Sternen!

Danro passes the test shoot with flying colors in this marvelous
photoset! Viewed in sequence, the set starts as a set of portraits.
Danro has a great repertoire of expressions, ranging from aloof to
engaging, pensive to zany. As the clothing reduces to jeans, and finally
to speedos, Danro shifts to muscle poses. He knows just how to tense to
show off the musculature! His back muscles are especially well defined! Of
course, speedos demand water, and the part two moves to the pool. After
some pool side stretching, where Danro confirms that young athletes are
quite flexible, he leaps into the water. Rivulets of water cascading
down his chest give a whole new perspective on his developing muscles. He
shows good form in the crawl and butterfly, but good form has no compare
to the fun of flicking water with his hair. After plenty of frolic,
Danro emerges gradually - oh so gradually - from the water. At first
the water glistens on his chest, but the sun eventually dries the young
athlete enough for him to stretch out his big chest on the warm concrete
for some restful sun bathing. As always, Kai's photography sparkles,
missing nothing from Danro's day in the studio and by the pool. We look
forward to their further collaboration!

Rodney S., 18.02.2018: 4 von 5 Sternen!

A fantastic series! Danro's first shoot shows his infectious charm and his handsome good looks! It may have been just a test shoot but there are some sterling photos, for instance, Danro with a soap bubble gun, posing in speedos or mucking about in the pool. This is a great set for fans of the DreamTeam! Highly recommended! Now what we need is his partner's test shoot, and perhaps a DreamTeam reprise, the boys today?

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