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Photostory: Baking Boys with Keanu

Two boys ruin the kitchen

346 pictures

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A producer, lighting director, set designer, a make-up artist and production assistants were organised. 13yo Keanu and 10yo Kenan started baking but soon the boys' talent for having fun took over. Sifting flour onto Kenan's head got more laughs from the crew than sifting it into a bowl and Keanu loves an appreciative audience! So when he got his hands onto a can of cream and a jar of hundreds-and-thousands there was no stopping him! And newbie Kenen was just as keen to get a few laughs. It's hard work, but somebody's got to do it!
Join Keanu and Kenen in this action-packed and rollicking series. There's energy, excitement and good clean fun… well, good fun!
"Baking Boys" is a real highlight in the Sportfotos-Online portfolio and a must-have for Keanu's very many fans!
As a VIP or SuperVIP customer you support my work strongly and allow production of more and better series. Thank you! The Quest to find the best!

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